I don’t understand this Computer Science question and need help to study.

Based on the lectures and reading material for this week and next week. You will be applying research and learning from lectures, reading, and additional research on the following:

For this discussion you will need to do the following:

Do: You are to select two case studies from your textbook. For each case study selected identify 1 key problem and determine the root cause. You must support your response and provide a through understand of your rationale in your root cause analysis.

You should start your research this week. The initial post will be due on 7/30. You are expected to provide at least 1 response post where you are providing a professional review of the post from another student. Your review will include a discussion on why you believe the analysis is on target or if there are areas of improvement. You must support your critique and explain why. Don’t just list things as you need to justify and support your response. The critique response is due at the end of the day on 8/4.


60% of the grade is based on the development of the RCA for each case study (40%) and support (20%).

40% of the grade is on your critique based on what works based on explanation (20%) and support (20%).


The support grade is based on the proper application of your research using APA format.

You will not be able to view any posts in the discussion forum until you have made your initial post.

I have shared the google drive link which have textbook and video lecture …Please check.


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