I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

-What is your health goal for summer? Go to the gym more often? Stop binging Netflix? Quit smoking? Having trouble sticking to it already? For 3 weeks you will track your daily behavior in a health-relevant area of your choice to see if you can improve/change your habits. You will be responsible for writing a 5-page paper (in APA style: Times New Roman, 12-pt font, first line indent, heading levels).

Your paper should include one of the health models we discuss in class or be anchored on one of the other concepts we discuss through the course that applies to your 3-week health project. You will document your “methods” (i.e., did you use an iWatch/FitBit to keep track of workouts), and your findings. Include a section on your challenges and difficulties, and things you learned along the way.

The title, abstract, & reference pages don’t count towards the 5 pages

-I went to training classes taught by a personal trainer, 3 days a week with a full food diet plan for a whole month. Started on 07/05/2019, ended on 07/26/2019. The diet plan is attached. Used Electronic Digital Handheld BMI Monitor – Body Mass Index Analyzer Machine with LCD Display Readout, Sports Body Fat Measurement Percentage Device (Method). I started with 30% body fat percentage and 150 pounds, by the end of the 3 weeks I was down to 28% body fat and have lost 6 pounds total.

-The health models and self-regulation slides are attached

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