I don’t know how to handle this Philosophy question and need guidance.

I need to give comments about what Saray Rodriguez said below:

Saray Rodriguez

Kantian ethics refers to an ethical deontological theory that developed a moral theory known as the categorical imperative. This theory implies that our actions must be governed by principles that are not changed and that should be universal, such as the famous golden rule; do not do with the other what you do not want them to do with you, and this he said, it just depends on us. We know that as human beings we are subject to changes according to the circumstances that surround us and also the ability to make decisions for ourselves. The advice for us with this theory is that we should act on principle no matter what the circumstance in which we put our lives. This is a categorical imperative which means that we must see people as beings in them and not as a means to achieve our goals.

The negative and controversial part of this theory is that we must be faithful to moral principles no matter the consequences. This indicates that, as in the video, we have valuable information that if we say it will affect someone else; but applying the theory we should say it because even if the consequences were to turn out bad, it would not be our fault because we have done our ‘moral’ duty. Since we will be human, we will always have different points of view and there will always be someone who is in agreement and who is against. At the end of the day it is our decision to follow the moral rules or not.

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