Please help me out with these two questions

p C M Chapter 11 Hw e Eda View Favorite Tools Help Exercise 113 Part 4 4, A corporaton issued 1 000 shares of $50par value preferred stock for $60,000 cash view transaetion list general Journal Entry Worksheet Record the issue of i aoD shares of $50 par value preferred stock for $60,000 cash. Transaction General journal Debit Credit Common stock, $8 stated value Common stock, no par value contributed capital, treasury stock ricome stan niary don Land Machinery Note payable organization expenses Paid in capital in excess of par value, common stock Paid in capital in excess of par value, preferred stock paid in capital in excess of stated value, commo Preferred stock, $100 pa Preferred stock, S50 par value Retained earnings Required Information Exercise 11.3 Recording stock issuances LO P1 fooowing formetamappass to the questions displayed below/ Prepare purna entries to record the folowng four sepatol issuances of stock

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