Indicate the accounts to be debited and credited to record theselected adjusting entrie described below by inserting the letterdesignations in the appropriate columns.

A. Acccounts receivable

B. Accumulated depreciation

C. Depreciation expense

D. Equipment

E. Insurance exspnse

F. Prepaid insurance

G. Prepaid rent

H. Prepaid taxes

I. Professional fees

J. Rent expense

K. Rent revenue

L. Supplies

M. Supplies exspense

N. Taxes exspense

O. Unearned rent

P. Wages expense

Q. Wage payable




Adjust for unearned rent earned during the period



Adjust for wages accrued at the end of the period



Adjust for depreciation for equipment for the period



Adjust for prepaid insurance expired during the period



Adjust for supplies used during the period



Adjust for rent accured at the end of the period on propertyrented to others



Adjust for professionals fees accrued at the end of theperiod




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