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The goal of Part 3 is lasting change through new perspectives on your ability to control your spending of time or money; and to do so in a way that maximizes your effectiveness.

  1. Analyze your SMART plan results.
  2. Prepare a report on the results of the initiative to include:
    1. what you saved
    2. what worked
    3. what did not work
    4. whether in the future you will:
      1. not change anything
      2. correct your performance/make a change
      3. revise your standard (goal)
  3. What surprising perspectives and/or discoveries do you take from this assignment?
  4. If you were a manager faced with this same challenge, describe how the theories and topics in this course can be applied to the situation.

Document Part 3 in 2 pages. Be sure to include Parts 1 and 2 so your submission will be 4 pages total. Be sure the 3 parts are clearly labeled. Submit to Brightspace Assignments Folder labeled “Efficiency Challenge Part 3”.

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