I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

This whole assignment is done on the Capsim website so please watch the videos so you know what you have to do, once you are logged in (ill give you the info once it is assigned ) go to the menu and look at how to get started and all the other information. Then complete practice round 1 part 1 and 2 making decisions for the company and then uploading it under team activity under my name, you can also check the other names and see what the other of my team have done. My part of the company is HR. ONLY BID IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN COMPLETE THIS AND IN A TIMELY MANNER BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY BEEN LET DOWN BY ONE TUTOR!!!! WATCH THE VIDEOS SO YOU HAVE AN IDEA ON HOW THE ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS DONE ON THE WEBSITE.

This week, your team needs to get together and start making some business decisions for your company. As a reminder, I also put your teams into place within Capsim. I have decided to give you two practice rounds to familiarize yourself again with Capsim. Please see the schedule posted with the Team Assignment under the Course Information link.

here is the link www.capsim.com I will provide login info once this is assigned.

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